The "camera" has witnessed my growth as a photographer since I was a teenager.
As a professional photographer, whether a portrait photographer, family photographer,
landscape photographer, military photographer, or a visual artist, the camera has been an essential, unfaltering
and a tenacious tool. It has stimulating my character and created a wonderfully interesting life of human connections.

As a portrait photographer, the camera has introduced new concepts of visual thinking.
My sense of colour, negative and positive space, and visual literacy has matured.
As a visual artist I was and am inspired by honesty, faith and the trust that what I strive for will be touched.

As a portait, and family photographer,  Vern Hutlet Photography celebrates people by offering photo-sessions in
the Nanaimo, Parksville and Qualicum cummunities. Unique and fresh professional portraits by a photographer who will make you look your best.  We will enable genuine heart felt moments to be professionally captured,
a keepsake for you, your loved ones and friends for a lifetime.

Also featured are photographic images for commercial space, wall prints and gift cards under "WESTERN IMAGES".
Please contact me with a phone call or e-mail if you have any enquiries or comments. 
I would be happy to respond.